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  1. jjacques68

    HC2 - 4.510 - Stable - 02/08/2018

    Version 4.510 This update introduces new and optimized operating system, modified file structure and the following brand new features: - Update package downloaded in the background, without locking the interface. - Creating encrypted local backup that can be downloaded to your hard drive and later restored. - Creating encrypted backups, stored in Fibaro cloud that can be later restored. - Customized icons included to backup. - Restoring backup with full rollback (restores also software version) or with current software version (up from 4.503). Backups created so far become incompatible. - System configuration transfer between gateways linked to the same Fibaro ID account via Changes related to GDPR: - Displaying the number of remaining attempts to log in. - Blocking the possiblity to log in for 30 minutes after 5 unsuccessful attempts from a given IP address. - Displaying the value of time remaining to unlock the ability to log in. - E-mail notification sent to admin after 5 unsuccessful attempts to log in. - E-mail message sent every 90 days that recommends changing your password. Other improvements: - New, more reliable file structure. - No need to use the recovery pendrive. - Optimized software update process minimizing the risk of potential errors during system update. - Easier and more intuitive setting of advanced parameters. - New user interface of recovery system. - Information about scenes used by a given device available in its configuration. - Notification after successful update recommending to create a backup if there is no compatible backup. - Possibility to disable creating auto-backup in Fibaro cloud before performing update. - Indication of exceeding 90% of cloud backup storage. - Compatibility with cameras connecting through https protocol. - Caching icons in the browser cache for faster loading. - Adjustable brightness of device LEDs in Configuration - General. - Added new plugins: Samsung Smart Appliances, Philips TV, Cool Master, Power View (Hunter Douglas), Initial State. - Added support for FIBARO Wall Plug UK - type G. - Added Kuwait time zone. Resolved issues: - Losing the synchronization of the set time. - No variables list while creating a virtual device. - No icon change lock via the remote access. - Switching a number of grouped devices results in 503 error. - Non-admin users cannot modify their own e-mail address and password. - Number of devices counted in a particular backup contains all endpoints, active plugins and users instead of devices only. - Notification suggesting replacing the battery of FIBARO The Heat Controller instead of charging. - Scene based on time condition results in 'timer handler failed with error' message. - No possibility to set time manually. - No power consumption bars in 'Top 5' section. - No content for notification recommending to create a backup. - Error while changing configuration from DHCP to Static IP. - No possibility to disable the remote access in LAN configuration. - LEDs do not indicate the available update. - System hangs on starting services after update or backup procedure. - Notification about disabled remote support does not link to LAN configuration. - Possibility to disable scene by the user with no sufficient rights. - Incorrect Z-Wave region set in some cases after performing update for chip versions other than EU. - Unable to activate remote support. - 'Invalid access token' error while trying to connect with Samsung Smart Appliances plugin. - Unable to add device with Philips TV plugin. - Onkyo plugin uses a lot of resources. - Other minor fixes.