Version 4.520   New improvements: Possibility of giving access to managing heating zones and heating schedules to non-admin users. Added the popup notification while trying to disable Remote Access with active installer access. Added the button for rebooting in recovery mode. Improved communication security of plugins. Some HTTP requests which use https may require disabling certificate validation by adding 'checkCertificate = false' command in the Lua scene code. Added support for Fakro ZWS12. Added support for Remotec ZXT-600. Added support for Heiman/Zipato HS1CG Gas Sensor.   Resolved issues: Five second delay when requesting non-existing variable, mobile, or trying to arm breached sensor. No connection with the Netatmo plugin. Raised memory usage after creating the backup. Specified version of Fakro ZWS12 is not fully supported. System hangs on starting services. Unable to reboot or turn off the gateway using a scene. Unable to transfer configuration via between gateways linked to Fibaro ID account. Gateway does not start after restoring cloud backup. 'API: Host not found' error. Incorrect icon for Roller Shutter which controls a garage gateway. Alarm events disappear after refreshing the page. No data in LAN Settings after rebooting. Lists of scenes and rooms do not update correctly. Scenes based on weather do not start. Removed dashboard. Other minor fixes.