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  1. Hc2 Usb Key Corrupted

    Hi Lazer, Good feedback! Not sure that everything is correct about the security. I am able to actually run the server with a recovery image restored on a USB drive. In fact everything one needs is on the recovery drive. All one has to do is to extract the appropriate image from the recovery disk and burn it on another USB disk. The system's protection reside on how the system is booting and how the paths related to the drivers and configuration files are loaded. There are some encrypted files that are not really relevant to the functionality of the system in it's entirely. I need the directory and file structure of the internal image and see if I can reconstruct it from the recovery key.
  2. Hc2 Usb Key Corrupted

    Thanks Lazer! I know about these images. They appear to be the external recovery key images. I am interested in the internal USB drive with the system files. I've read your conversation about the internal image in the French forum, and about replacing the USB drive with an SSD. Suddenly the discussion changed and there was no follow-up. I got my hands on a unit that is missing the internal drive and would like to recover it. Thanks.
  3. Hc2 Usb Key Corrupted

    Hello, Does anyone have and can provide a copy of the internal USB key image from the HC2? Or, perhaps a link to the image. Thanks Mike
  4. Hello!

    Hello all, I'm a new user and so far this site looks helpful. Mike