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  1. Gestionnaire d'Evénements Automatique (GEA) – version 6.07

    Hello I run for the moment GEA 6.05 and i got this in debug window. ( see now that 6.06 is out) Gea tells me to get rid of Global "Sun" but i use that in many snippets in GEA, have i done something wrong?
  2. Support Gea

    @pepite You need DanaLocks app or fibaros app, on fibaros i i can set "permissions" via users, like my youngest kid, he doesent see the DanaLocks in his phone but my oldest does
  3. Support Gea

    @pepite The answer is [DEBUG] 13:50:33: Value of id 373 is: 0 Got the same value if i debug the master Id So i cant get true or false fibaro:debug("Value of id 373 is: "..fibaro:getValue(373, "value")) With your code [DEBUG] 14:14:47: Value danalock : 0
  4. Support Gea

    @pepite Thanks for looking into this The command is very simple Commands to lock or unlock fibaro:call(373, "secure") fibaro:call(373, "unsecure") Debug on secure [DEBUG] 12:52:04: secure: 0 Unlocked [DEBUG] 12:53:31: Secure: 255 Locked Debug on value [DEBUG] 12:56:22: value: 0 Unlocked [DEBUG] 12:56:55: value: 1 Locked
  5. Support Gea

    Hello @pepite Here it comes {"id":373,"name":"Ytterdörren","roomID":10,"type":"com.fibaro.doorLock","baseType":"com.fibaro.securityMonitoring","enabled":true,"visible":true,"isPlugin":false,"parentId":372,"remoteGatewayId":0,"interfaces":["battery","fibaroFirmwareUpdate","zwave","zwaveAlarm"],"properties":{"batteryLevel":96,"parameters":[],"pollingTimeSec":0,"zwaveCompany":"","zwaveInfo":"0,0,0","zwaveVersion":"0.0","alarmLevel":"0","alarmType":"0","batteryLowNotification":"true","configured":true,"dead":"false","defInterval":"0","deviceControlType":"0","deviceIcon":"79","emailNotificationID":"0","emailNotificationType":"0","endPointId":"0","firmwareUpdate":"{\"info\":\"\",\"progress\":0,\"status\":\"UpToDate\",\"updateVersion\":\"0.0\"}","liliOffCommand":"","liliOnCommand":"","log":"","logTemp":"","manufacturer":"","markAsDead":"true","maxInterval":"0","minInterval":"0","model":"","nodeId":"63","parametersTemplate":"0","productInfo":"","pushNotificationID":"0","pushNotificationType":"0","remoteGatewayId":"0","saveLogs":"true","secured":"0","serialNumber":"","smsNotificationID":"0","smsNotificationType":"0","stepInterval":"0","updateVersion":"","useTemplate":"false","userDescription":"","value":"false"},"actions":{"abortUpdate":1,"reconfigure":0,"retryUpdate":1,"secure":0,"setInterval":1,"startUpdate":1,"unsecure":0,"updateFirmware":1},"created":1508951312,"modified":1508951312,"sortOrder":201}
  6. Support Gea

    @basklj I run GEA to with 4.140 and everything works as it should, or almost i cant get GEA to lock my frontdoor where i have the new Danaloc v3. if i make a VD and let GEA push buttons it works.
  7. Support Gea

    Hello again, i just bought me a Danalock v3 now i just want to put it in my GEA but it desent work. I just want to secure the door at 22:00 but my snippet dont work, push woks but not the secure part, can someone take a look and tell me what im doing wrong? local Hallen = {DoorLock = 371} GEA.add(true, 30, "Frontdoor is now locked", {{"Time", "22:00", "22:01"}, {"secure", Hallen["DoorLock"]}})
  8. Scenes dont start

    Hello I got a problem with my HC:2, when i do a restart or uprgade my system, my scenes dont start, sometimes it help to do a backup or reboot and the scenes start again, i had this problem a long time and dont know what the problem is, is it something that you have had and know how to fix it? If i push the "play" button on a scene i got 403 access denied Sorry if i wright in english
  9. Anneau Led Wallplug

    Im happy that it worked for you to Nice to give something back to this nice forum
  10. Anneau Led Wallplug

    I had this problem before and it helps just to press and hold button till it will blink
  11. Support Gea

    I got a strange problem, i got often to many instances on GEA, so change from 2 to 4 instances an push the save button. After that the scene is gone, when i manually write in scene 288 new scene apears, my GEA is gone, tried to save the backup that i had but only got error 403. This has happen two times now, only way to get GEA back is to restore a backup on the HC:2 Anyone else with this problem?
  12. Support Gea

    When i did a backup on my system today GEA stopped to to work has anybody else that problem? I run 4.104 Beta. Otherwise my system feels so smood sens i migrated most of my scenes to GEA, Big thanks to all you that made this possible!
  13. Support Gea

    When i use {"Scenario", 242} do i have to put anything up in the begining of the code? GEA.add({"Global-", "Sun", "1.3"}, 30, "", {{"Time", "13:00", "20:00"}, {"Days", "Weekday"}, {"Scenario", 242}}) Can i change {"Days", "Weekday"} to {"Days", "All"}?
  14. Support Gea

    @ggpublic i must ask about your code snippet, should this do the same? GEA.add({"Global","Alarme","Off"},60,"",{{"turnOn",245},{"Time","21:30","21:35"},{"Days","Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday"},{"Portable", ipadFrigo},{"Portable", ipadMini}})
  15. Support Gea

    @pepite thanks for the tip, This works excellent without repeat, should it not? GEA.add(SENSORS["Wc"], 3*60, "", {{"Inverse"}, {"turnOff", Wc["Tak"]}, {"Repeat"}}) Earth Hour Once a year we let the light turn off for one hour, just to save some energy If you want you can read about in here So if everything works the light will go off at 20:30 2017-03-25 and back on again 21:30