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  1. I haven't really looking for other services until yesterday stopped working with Sonos remote VD. For first time our Angelina is speechless I was thinking one of these services if it is possible: Google Microsoft Bing Text to Speech API AWS Polly I like and prefer your solution that does not need Rasp PI and external solution. Sonos remote VD lacks only this two possibilities to be best of the best: more choice for TTS group/ungroup speakers Thank you and apologies to bother you with question that was maybe already asked.
  2. Sorry for my English but I don't speak French and Google either :-) @Krikroff, do you have any plans to add some other TTS service to this VD in the future? Thank you
  3. Hi everyone, I have Fibaro HC2 with FW 4.090 and included 66 devices at the moment with more to come. I started with home automation 9 months ago and still learning. I started immediately with LUA skipping block scenes. I don't speak French unfortunately but with some help from Google brother I hope I will manage my way here. I'm also member of Fibaro international forum. Wish you all the best with your home automation, more pleasure and less headache!