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Nouvelle mise à  jour de l'application !




Disponible sur le Windows Store :




The beta version of the Fibaro Home Control App for the Fibaro Home Center 2.

Added Alarm Disarm and Arm Functionality:
* Alarm pin is located in Settings. Changing this later to a User input at the time of arming and disarming.
* Visual indication if house alarm is armed, disarmed.
Added correct icons including User icons for the Dimmable lights.
Added possibility to wake up all dead nodes from settings.
Now showing if a node is dead. When clicked, HC2 will try to do a wake up.
Updated Scene Icon, now the difference between lua scene and graphic scene icon shows correctly.
Wall plug Icon now changing color correctly.
Temperature now updating correctly.
Added Virtual Device Icons (still working on the device itself but don't have much time).
Fixed Smoke sensor Font Size
Fixed dimmable light wattage (with high values, the "W" would not be visible)

The beta contains limited functionality:
•Run scenes
•Arm / Disarm the alarm
•Turn Lights On-Off and Dimm
•Turn devices On-Off
•Wattage Of Device and Lights
•House and room wattage
•House weather
•Speech for Lili (no accuray test, complete sentence has to be correct)


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