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  1. yuri80

    Support Gea

    Hi, I solved using the following command line: "when the button 3 of the remote controller device id.136 is held down, GEA turn on the playlist Q5 by the Sonos id 86" I hope to help others guys! :-) GEA.add({"CentralSceneEvent", 136, 3, "HeldDown"}, -1, "", {"QuickApp", 86, "playSavedQueue", 5})
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  3. ok Thanks
  4. yuri80

    Support Gea

    Now I need of another suggestion to use in GEA code, the command to start the Sonos Playlist "Relax" associated on button with label "Q6: --" (Sonos id.86) Currently I use this action by the scene mode and it works fibaro.callUI(86, 'onReleased', 'btnSavedQueue6') Can you help me please? Thanks in advance for yuor support
  5. Hi, sorry but this page is for the support of HC3 GEA? My request is to for the support to transfer the HC3 classic scene code in GEA code...the link that you indicate is for HC2 GEA Anyway I reported my request in the link that you provide me thanks
  6. Hi, I tried your suggestion (@Lazer) and now I solved :-) I share the code file to start to Sonos id126, a mp3 saved on the NAS when the button 1 of the remote controller 136 is pushed GEA.add({"CentralSceneEvent", 136, 1, "Pressed"}, -1, "", {"QuickApp", 126, "playFile", "", true, 30} maybe it can be help some guys :-)
  7. Thanks
  8. Sorry, I wrong to use the reply mode Anyway I uninstall and after install again and now it works again! I take the opportunity to ask you why the GEA code below reported doesn't work, I need to play mp3 by Sonos when the light is turn on GEA.add({"TurnOn", 98}, 0, "", {"SonosMP3", 77, 28, "//", 20}) 98 -- Id light 77 -- Id Sonos (I use Krikroff Quikapp) 28 -- I don't know what is it...I read that it is the process button of can understand which is the id of the button of the Sonos quickapp?) // is the address of the shared folder (no authorization, no password need). I am sure that it works correctly, because I use this shared folder by my other Home Center 2 Lounge.mp3 is the song in shared folder 20 is the volume of the Sonos Thanks Yuri
  9. yuri80

    Support Gea

    Thanks now it works!!+++++++++++++++++
  10. yuri80

    Support Gea

    Hi, I'm tried to use the alarm clock in HC3 to turn on a light (Id.98) (or push "play" on the Sonos Id.90) when the time is meet... I installed GEA_v7.21.fqa and the project GEA_Alarme_v2.10.fqa So I don't understand where I put the code lines (GEA ALARM id.101) and if these codes are correct :-) GEA.add( {"Alarm", 101} , 0, "Debout fainéant", {"TurnOn", 98}) GEA.add( {"Alarm", 101, 2}, 0, "Debout fainéant", {{"QuickApp", 90, "play"}}) Can you help me please to understand the correct approach with GEA? Thanks in advance for your support Yuri
  11. yuri80


    Hi All, I'm Yuri, an italian engineer in love with the domotic! For this reason I found this forum and I appreciated a lot the projects shared by the users. The level of the projects fory point of view is very high. My system is composed by Fibaro HC2 system with HCL slave and 107 zwave devices connected. I use also Xiaomi zibee net net and I combined the 2 different systems by Alexa/IFTT. This solution while I wait the total functionality of HC3. Thanks to Lazer for the suggestions and in advance to all for the projects sharing