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Hi Everyone, 

My Name is Peter and im from Melbourne, Australia.  I am new to Fibaro and have recently installed the HC2 into my home along with approximately 10 devices.  I also have a Satel alarm integrated into my system which is currently working very well for both security and triggering scenes.


I have recently received a LaCrosse weather station as a gift which i have installed and am looking next to integrate this weather station into my Fibaro system to use outside temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and rainfall.  I believe there is a user developed plugin on this forum to be able to retrieve the data and use it within Fibaro.


I also have a Sony TV that is used on my system along with a Plex server.  The sony TV im currently trying to figure out how i can control it myself using my own virtual device so i can setup my own icons and poll the TV to determine its state.


I look forward to learning as much as i can and make my home fully automated!  I have done quite a bit with the Satel Alarm system so if people have questions i can help with that.



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Hello pt13


Welcome on the Domotique-Fibaro forum.


Do you understand french ?


If not we have an english section here : http://www.domotique...nglish-section/

where you can ask all your questions.

On the right side, use the button "commencer un sujet" to start a new topic.


I don't think there is a user developed plugin for Lacrosse on the forum, but the Lacrosse being in 868MHz a solution must exists.


Here some rules of the forum: (This is a google translate)

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Désolé je vais taper français pour le rendre plus facile pour tout le monde.

La LaCrosse i ont im vais essayer téléchargement àmon serveur dans un fichier .dat et utiliser le plugin capteur virtuel pour obtenir ces données. Espérons que cela va fonctionner!

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