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Android Tablet V 1.3.5

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Dear users,

New Fibaro for Tablet 1.3.5 application has been just published in Play Store. Actualization should be available in next few hours.


Changelog 1.3.4 -> 1.3.5:

- Changes in remote access connection

- Minor bug fixes


Changelog 1.3.3 -> 1.3.4:

- Added support for Linear Garage Opener

- Added icons for some devices

- Fixed marking dead of sensor devices

- Stability improvements


Popup notification feature is supported by Home Center 2 from version 4.042 however it also requires support from mobile applications to work properly. Due to specific process of releasing mobile applications' updates, especially for iOS app, implementation of this feature has been released gradually and pop-up notifications can be available on some of the previous versions of mobile apps.

Official support for this functionality on all platforms will be available from following versions of Fibaro software:

- HC2: 4.045,

- iPhone: 2.5,

- iPad: 1.50,

- Fibaro for Android phones: 1.6.0,

- Fibaro for Tablet: 1.3.0.


To get more information about Popup service, please go to and click on Popup service on the left hand side menu.



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