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  1. My family is away for 10-14 days, it's easier to testing HC2 in home without a family on place. :-) If you want I can be a tester. Please write me what I will test for you, then I will answer if I have the right configuration of z-wave network. 

    In general I have:
    RGBW module, dimmers, switches, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, motion detectors, opening sensors, flood sensors, roller shutter / roof window actuators, smoke detectors, netatmo, etherent controller for watering the garden, sonos,
    I use data from external devices in xml and json.table to control events too.

    And it's easier for me to write English in technical matters :-(

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    2. drboss


      Thanks for new beta

      Sorry I did not analyze the errors more accurately. My main PC (for development) just died after fall update windows 10 yesterday. And after one day of test, checking old return point (ofcourse not work) I need do reinstalation of all software end after this I need restore data.

      And in the meantime normal work ;-)

      The 876 is a rain sensor in multi device from Fakro (window motor (875 and rain sensor 876)


        "id": 876,
        "name": "Czujnik deszczu",
        "roomID": 828,
        "type": "com.fibaro.floodSensor",
        "baseType": "com.fibaro.lifeDangerSensor",
        "enabled": true,
        "visible": true,
        "isPlugin": false,
        "parentId": 874,
        "remoteGatewayId": 0,
        "interfaces": [ "fibaroBreach", "zwave", "zwaveAlarm" ],
        "properties": { "parameters": [], "pollingTimeSec": 0, "zwaveCompany": "Fakro", "zwaveInfo": "3,4,33", "zwaveVersion": "1.1", "alarmLevel": "1", "alarmType": "1", "configured": true, "dead": "false", "deviceControlType": "0", "deviceIcon": "1063", "emailNotificationID": "0", "emailNotificationType": "0", "endPointId": "0", "lastBreached": "1507992573", "liliOffCommand": "", "liliOnCommand": "", "log": "", "logTemp": "", "manufacturer": "", "markAsDead": "true", "model": "", "nodeId": "110", "parametersTemplate": "0", "productInfo": "0,133,0,2,0,17,1,1", "pushNotificationID": "0", "pushNotificationType": "0", "remoteGatewayId": "0", "saveLogs": "true", "serialNumber": "", "smsNotificationID": "0", "smsNotificationType": "0", "useTemplate": "false", "userDescription": "", "value": "false" },
        "actions": { "forceArm": 0, "meetArmConditions": 0, "reconfigure": 0, "setArmed": 1 },
        "created": 1507341724,
        "modified": 1507341724,
        "sortOrder": 334 }


    3. drboss



      Perhaps have You looked at the double push problem for {Alarm}? I checked the problem only for {Alarm} trigger.


    4. drboss


      And today I have one more json error (the same but with another device), bu I will send You log when restore access to my PC.