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Hcl V 3.601 - 23 Juillet 2015


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Bon mise à  jour de la HC Lite vers 3.601


Change log :

Liste des modifications logicielles 3.601:

This update is meant to prepare system for future update to version 4.X.

If "System temporarily unavailable" text will appear during update, please wait - you will be redirected to the main page when all services start.

Mobile apps fully working with this version:
- iPhone app - version 2.1.1 (available on the App Store),
- Android phones app - version 1.3 (available on the Google Play),
- iPad app - version 1.2 (available on the App Store).
and later.

- Prepares Home Center system working under version 3.x to be able to upgrade to 4.x

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