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  1. This only works if the device is a QA. QuickApp's have 'updateProperty' defined as an API. I would recommend"/plugins/updateProperty", { deviceId = 20, propertyName = 'userDescription', value = 'FWPP1' })
  2. jang

    QuestionS HC3 et LUA

    No there is no reason. Except maybe a wish to bring all functionality in under fibaro.* - but they can't remove setTimeout due to old QAs/Scenes. function fibaro.setTimeout(time,fun) return setTimeout(fun,time) end Like the rebranding of fibaro.* to hub.* - but also here, to be backward compatible with QAs/Scenes they can never remove fibaro.*... Another mystery is that Fibaro maintains 2 implementations for the fibaro.* functions. One for Scenes and one for QAs - and they are not always in sync... My thinking has been that it is 2 different consultant companies that do the Scene engine vs the QA framework... :-)
  3. Have you tried it? Did it work for you?
  4. jang

    Déclencheur Event QA HC3

    What kind of animal is Conso Live (Enphase_MeterTotalConsumptionPower_Updated) that is expect to send an event/signal. Another QA? another zwave device? something else?
  5. Problems: 1. You set 'value' but test 'state' 2. If you click 'off' -> 'on' quickly you may end up with 2 running loops... I think @laser meant something like this (but here we use the property instead of a local var) local function loop() if (hub.getValue(plugin.mainDeviceId,"value") == true) then print("Run Loop action") end -- loop setTimeout(loop,1000*loop_value_sec) -- secondes end loop() function QuickApp:turnOn() self:debug("binary switch turned on") self:updateProperty("value", true) end function QuickApp:turnOff() self:debug("binary switch turned off") self:updateProperty("value", false) end
  6. jang

    recuperation valeur json

    Unfortunately not. I have QAs that don't work on the HC3L because I use os.time() a lot. os.time(), these days, returns a value dangerously close to what fits in 32 bits and when doing arithmetics with the value, calculating time, it sometimes overflow and create bad results on the HC3L... So, I recommend the HC3L only for block scenes... For dev platform I use Life is too short for trying to develop directly on the HC3/HC3L...
  7. jang

    recuperation valeur json

    Are you running it on a HC3 Lite? Fibaro, in their wisdom to save space, compiled the Lua environment for the HC3L as 32bits... ...which cause all kinds of issues like these...
  8. jang

    Les Childs pour les Nuls

    and if you run hierarchy through graphviz...
  9. api.put("/rooms/239",{icon='User1002'})
  10. jang

    Commandes HTTP - GET

    local commands = { Opened = "", Closed = "", Stopped = "", } function QuickApp:command(cmd,state) assert(commands[cmd],"Bad command") local http = net.HTTPClient() http:request(commands[cmd], { success = function(response) if response.status == 200 then print('OK, réponse : '.. self:debug("base shutter "..cmd:lower()) self:updateProperty("state", state or cmd) else self:error("Erreur : status=" .. tostring(response.status)) end end, error = function(err) self:error("Erreur : " .. err) end, options = { method = 'GET' } }) end function QuickApp:open() sendCommand('Opened') end function QuickApp:close() sendCommand('Closed') end function QuickApp:stop() sendCommand('Stopped',"Unknown") end
  11. The only problem is that can't return any value - to do this you need to add additional sorcery...
  12. Well, you have the tools, the rest is just some list manipulations... ;-) local days = { monday=0, tuesday=1, wednesday=2, thursday=3, friday=4, saturday=5, sunday=6 } local function map(list) local r ={} for _,e in ipairs(list) do assert(days[e],"Bad day:"..tostring(e)) r[e]=true end return r end local function flatten(list) local r ={} for e,_ in pairs(list) do assert(days[e],"Bad day:"..tostring(e)) r[#r+1]=e end table.sort(r,function(a,b) return days[a] <= days[b] end) return r end -- self:setSprinklerDays(4,{"monday",wednesday"}) -- will set scheduled days to monday and wednesday for sprinkler schedule 4 function QuickApp:setSprinklerDays(sprinkerId,list) return api.put("/panels/sprinklers/4" ,{ days = json.util.InitArray(flatten(map(list)))}) end -- self:addSprinklerDays(4,{"monday",wednesday"}) -- will add monday and wednesday to currently scheduled days for sprinkler schedule 4 function QuickApp:addSprinklerDays(sprinklerId,list) local days = map(api.get("/panels/sprinklers/"..sprinklerId).days or {}) for _,d in ipairs(list) do days[d]=true end return api.put("/panels/sprinklers/4" ,{ days = json.util.InitArray(flatten(days))}) end -- self:removeSprinklerDays(4,{"monday",wednesday"}) -- will remove monday and wednesday from currently scheduled days for sprinkler schedule 4 function QuickApp:removeSprinklerDays(sprinklerId,list) local days = map(api.get("/panels/sprinklers/"..sprinklerId).days or {}) for _,d in ipairs(list) do days[d]=nil end return api.put("/panels/sprinklers/4" ,{ days = json.util.InitArray(flatten(days))}) end function QuickApp : onInit () print(self:setSprinklerDays(4,{"monday","friday"})) print(self:addSprinklerDays(4,{"saturday"})) print(self:removeSprinklerDays(4,{"monday"})) end
  13. Btw, this is the json encoder/decoder used in QAs (Scenes use another implementation)
  14. You could try local ListDay = json.util.InitArray({}) --<----- empty array MyPanel = api.get("/panels/sprinklers/11" ) res = api.put("/panels/sprinklers/11" , { days = ListDay })  The reason is that the json.encoder don't know if the Lua table {} should be encoded as an empty json key-value table "{}" or an empty json array "[]" The json.util.InitArray() function creates an object that the json.encoder always encodes as an array. Of course, the suggestion above only works if api.put uses the QAs built-in json.encode...
  15. jang

    Bug MAJ slider

    Yes, it's really buggy. Try to add function QuickApp : OnReleased ( event ) self : updateView ( "slider" , "value" , "75" ) -- Any other value than 25... self : updateView ( "slider" , "value" , "25" ) end
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