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Au cas où, il y a une version 2.72 iLO disponible Build du 10 Octobre 2019


The following issues are resolved in this version:

  - iLO gets stalled when IPv4 static address is not assigned in an IPv6 only environment using Embedded Remote Support.
  - Embedded Remote Support crashes if more than 17 IP addresses are assigned to host network interface.
  - Embedded Remote Support is not reporting all host IP addresses in Service Events.


  - Modified the iLO auto-generated SNMP EngineID to not change upon iLO resets.
  - Added ability to remove the directory certificate.


Feature previews:
  - Shared Network Port, port selection: Allows you to choose between port 1 and port 2 for Shared Network Port functionality. You can configure this setting on the Network > Shared Network Port > General page in the iLO web interface.




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