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Maj Hc2 : 4.070 Du 21/01/2016


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Version 4.070

This update features changed migration process from version 3.600, reconfiguring every device, adjusting it for changes which took place in the system. This will assure possibly smooth transition and continuous operation, allowing each device to work with old settings until reconfiguration is done. Please refer to message that appears in interface and Notification Center after finishing upgrade for further instructions.

Updating from version 3.600 may take longer than usual, up to 30 minutes, please do not restart controller during update process.

Resolved issues:
- #0003502 Aeon (4 in 1) Humidity Sensor - humidity now updates correctly
- Devices no longer show up as "Not configured" after controller reboot
- Values in Seismometer Mode in Motion Sensor v2.7 are now reported correctly
- Logitech Harmony plug-in behaviour is adjusted to recent changes in Logitech's API
- PTZ cameras movement can now be controlled as plug-in with mobile devices
- Drop-down lists on Firefox version 40 and above are now fully functional
- Devices with multiple endpoint are now building correctly even without templates
- Minor UI bugs fixes
- #0003538 Status Off after Soft Reconfiguration
- #0003208 AEOTEC GEN 5 Siren doesn't work
- #0003557 Template misssing for Zwave.ME WIN ITEMP
- #0003560: PHI_PAN06 Relay Insert 2 * Template
- #0003628: Can't select devices as actors into alarm actions like panic, lights on
- #0003530: many problems with HRT4 ASR-ZW
- Settings page for Polylock device do not load
- There is no "controlled device" after soft reconfiguration
- Problem with authentication to cameras under IE, Safari and Chrome browsers
- Breached sensor with Arm Delay causes instant alarm after being armed
- #0003667 Scenes change type when saved
- #0003690 Block scenes - set values in green fields are not displayed properly
- UBS, D/W Sensor - random incorrect reports with value 0 are being received
- Battery icon not shown in main device
- #0003730 AEON 6 in 1 - device page does not load
- #0003711 No Recovery memory status in Backup & Recovery tab
- #0002322 #0002318 Smart Energy Switch - device lacks measured power value
- #0003735 Learning mode error - inclusion mode locks, reboot is required
- #0003745 Wall Plug icon is missing in Magic Scenes
- #0003763 Block and Lua scenes are generated empty and require save to be edited
- Hour in Magic Scenes displayed inappropriately
- Verification of Recovery Memory status requires double click
- Magic Scenes based on time loops when triggered manually

New devices support:
- HEATIT Z-Wave Thermostat
- Evolve LDM-15
- Evolve LPM-15
- Evolve LFM-20
- Evolve LRM-AS-W
- Evolve LOM-15
- Evolve LTM-5
- Evolve LSM-15
- Evolve LRM-1000
- Ecolink Z-Wave Garage Door Tilt Sensor
- Linear/ GoControl WAPIRZ-1 PIR Motion Detector
- Danfoss RS Room Sensor
- FortrezZ WWA01AA
- FortrezZ WWA-02
- Philio PAN06
- Everspring SF813-2
- #0003573, #0003612 - AEON MultiSensor 6
- Everspring HSM02
- #0002435 Aeon Labs Smart Switch DSC24
- #0002306 Aeon Labs DSC06106
- FGGC-001

Following devices received generic templates that cover devices in various versions:
- Aeon Minimote
- Aeon Micro Smart Energy
- Aeon Home Energy Meter
- Aeon Smart Energy Switch
- Aeon Dimmer
- Aeon Door Window Sensor
- Aeon Z Wave Multi Sensor
- Aeon Key Fob
- Aeon Siren
- Aeon Recessed Door Sensor
- Aeon On Off Switch
- Aeon Smart Switch ZW075
- Aeon Smart Strip
- Aeon DSD37
- Poly-control Danalock
- TKB Home TZ69
- Philio D/W Sensor PST02-1C
Generic templates guarantee compatibility of all devices of given kind, regardless the version, as long as device has the same product ID (which depends on its manufacturer)

New plug-ins:
- IP Bell VoIP SIP video door entry phone station
- Verde IV camera
- DENON HEOS 3/link
- Russound X5 Controller
- Nuvo Gateway/NV-P3100/NV-P3500/P100/P200

Other improvements:
- UI was optimised, increasing interface performance significantly
- Template matching mechanism optimized
- Due to multiple requests we introduced mechanism of limiting number of single scene instances running simultaneously. Maximum number is 10 instances active at the same time. It is available in all types of scenes. In case of exceeding given number the additional scene will not be started and proper notification will appear in Notification center. Remember, that all block and magic scenes based on time have always once instance running in loop, so if there is only single instance allowed, clicking "Run" button will have no effect.
- In case of exceeding 95% of RAM's "used space", no new scenes will be triggered until that value drops again
- Adding devices with mobile app no longer includes them in secure mode. Non-secure inclusion is default mode now
- Improved camera streams performance both in remote and local access
- Time from last breach is now displayed in logs underneath each sensor
- Logs are now displayed and refreshed properly
- Notifications received from Dimmer 2 (regarding issues like over-current, load error etc) are now displayed in log window (located on the top of main page)
- Improvements in recovery mechanism, both in operating system and user interface
- SceneActivation interface will be added automatically if device uses this Command Class (even if device does not declare support explicitly)
- Custom handling of some power/energy reports (for third party devices)
- Improved communication with battery operated devices (unsuccessfully sent commands won't be dropped)
- Improved Z-Wave engine stability
- Notification about exceeding RAM limit (95%) by scene will no longer be duplicated
- Block and Magic scenes triggered by some value that persists for given time are now aborted immediately if condition is not met
- Default number of instances in all kinds of scenes is set to 2
- Support for devices that use Central Scene (keyfobs, wall controllers etc) added
- Minor UX improvements

This version introduces new Privacy Policy, which will help us to provide even better service and software for your use. Please refer to pre-update message for more details.

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Je voudrais bien passer à  cette version stable, mais depuis ce matin, le moteur z-wave est devenu fou: la led représentant le z-wave clignote rapidement jusqu'à  s'allumer fixement. Puis elle s'arrête quelques secondes et recommence. Cela va faire 12h que c'est ainsi.

J'ai rebooté la box à  plusieurs reprises, pas de changement.

Pensant que c'est peut-être un capteur alimenté électriquement qui déconne, j'ai coupé au niveau du disjoncteur (la box étant sur onduleur) et c'est la même chose.

Peut-àŠtre un capteur à  pile ? Cela va me prendre un temps fou de sortir toutes les piles sans garantie de fonctionnement.


Bref, ça me dégoute.


Avez-vous une idée d'où cela peut venir ?

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